Top 10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Small business ideas can convert into big business. For any big business, you have to start with small. If you are also looking to start new business with low investment, you can check out our list of business ideas which will give you some ideas on which category and what kind of business you can start now. In India, we have 1.25 billion of population, with such big market; there are lots of opportunities we can target to start with. There are many small business you can start in india. Do check out our list with proper explanation, on business ideas.

I have a friend who always asks me “What is a good and best business to start with”? To remind you, he has very few budgets and in that option, you cannot think to start big brand business. But not to worry, in small budget too, we have good options. And if you don’t have money, you can start taking “Mudra Loan” which is offered by Government of India to start business.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

These are the small business ideas which you can start in your home, with low investment. Anyone can start these businesses, men, women, mom, housewife, beginners, And so on. Do check out the list and for any confusion, you can ask us in comment box below;

Dairy or Milk Parlor

You can take franchise or buy in large quantity. Just target surrounding population of your home or shop, you can easily run this business without much investment.  Normally, you can get dairy parlor for 60-70k. 5-10k shop rent and here you go. In festival seasons, you can earn double than normal.

Baby Sitting

For housewife and moms, who has to take care of home and babies, can start babysitting business at home. You can just use one room of your house, and target neighbor kids whose parents need baby sitter. Its non-seasonal, recession less business. Just get your templates distributed in neighbor houses, its a good business. You can charge in hours, to week or monthly fees. There are new babies who need special care, where you can charge extra for new born.

Book Store

You can start small book store with rented shop. Buy some student and education related books. You can rent or sell them with special price. For vacation time, you can offer various comic books as well with nominal fees. Here is example of a small girl who started book store at home to earn some pocket money.

Ice Cream parlor

Unlike earlier, now people want Ice cream in all season (include me:D). You can start small ice-cream parlor with dairy/milk parlor as mentioned above. With minimum investment, you can have good business. Just choose your shop location where you have good visitors, prefer main roads where people comes to roam around in night time too for night walk.

Resume Writing

Every college freshers need a good resume to get job. You can target youth, if you have good command over English. You can learn about resume writing online, take samples, write samples and create your portfolio. Its a part time business which you can do it in free time.

Driving School

You can start teaching driving (four wheels or two wheels). You can reassemble your car to teach driving which will be very nominal cost. After that you need to advertise about your driving school, and you can charge good amount of money for monthly driving fees.

Packer and Movers

If you have some good amount of money, you can start packers and movers service in your city. Also, you can rent a tempo in starting to start this business. Such start-up business in India is earning very good. Some of the packer & movers charge Rs. 18-20 Km in big cities.

Rainwater harvesting

This is very new kind of business and very popular too. When we are having water shortage, many people prefer to store rain waters in their home/building. You can provide service to needy and start this good cause cum business. There is decent payment in this business for sure.

Local Classified

Start taking advertisements from your area. Contact all other news papers and template distributors who can take advertisement. You can earn decent commission on each ads. It’s totally home based business, you can target certain locality.

Tuition Class

This is one of the best option for house wife or women’s. Start taking tuitions at home, with limited students, you can teach them for few hours daily and earn good money. Its a good business which you can scale to big way after getting good students.

These are some of the business ideas which you can start with low investment or no investment. We will try to add more business ideas on this page. For more updates on finance related or investment related topics, keep visiting

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