Top 10 Best Short Term Investment Plans [Best Option]

small term investment plans

Do you want to invest for short term and want to enjoy good return? Here is some of the popular small term investment options in which you can invest your money and enjoy good return in short terms. Many people do financial planning for marriage/child education or to buy car and for that small term investment options are best. Long term investment is also good enough but you can expect return in long term only. Like return after 20-30 years. For the short term gain, you need to invest in short term investment plans.

Here is we have summarized top 10 small term investment options which gives you 4% to 30% of return. Depends on the nature of investment, you can expect good returns from the below mentioned investment plans.

Top 10 Best Short Term Investment Plans

1. Bank Fixed Deposit

One of the traditional and most trusted way to gain 7-8% return in one year. Yes, you can deposit your money in bank fixed deposit schemes where banks are ready to give you 7-8% return for 12-16 months of period. You can invest N number of money, no limits in fixed deposit. But incase you earn more than 10k of interest, you need to pay 10% TDS (which can write off with submitting 15A form). You can deposit money from 30 days to 10 years in Bank fixed deposit scheme.

2. Savings Account Deposit

The normal saving options, deposit money in bank saving account and have 4% interest. Interest will be deposited half yearly. Its zero risk investment option, no risk, you can withdraw money anytime, but 4% is too less.

small term investment plans3. Invest money in Gold/silver

Gold/silver investment is good for short term as well as for long term. Check the gold price 10 years back and now, you must see high difference. But since few months, Gold price are not up as per the expectation. Meanwhile, you can check out the Silver as investment option too. You can sell and have your money back anytime. Its bit risky, you might not get any return too. you can Invest in Gold Coins online too.

4. Large Cap Mutual Funds

The mutual fund with High NAV can give you good return. Though, its totally depended on market price but compared to share market, mutual funds are less risky.  You can check our list of Best Mutual Funds to invest in, which can give you up to 30% return in short time. For short term, you need invest in lump sum amount, if you go for SIP mutual fund investment; you need to do it for long term. But do invest for atlest 1-3 years to get good returns.

5. Stock Market (NSE-BSE)

After Mutual fund and fixed deposit, Share market is also good investment option. But its total risky. You can reduce the risk by getting investment advises from advisory firms, but those are also not effective either. You can get good return and good loss too. check out the Best Penny stocks, which gives 3000% returns in short time.

6. Debt Instruments (Debt Share/Funds)

You can invest in debt shares or debt mutual funds which gives you up to 10-12% of return in short time. While they are quite low risky option too. Yes, if you are looking for optimum return at low risk, you can opt for debt funds as investment option.

7. Non-convertible debentures

Another low risky and guaranteed return investment option for short term is NCD. You can buy NCD of any corporate companies and have 9-12% of return in fixed span of time.

8. Treasury Securities

With in 91 days to 365 days (3 months to 1 year of period) you can enjoy good return with treasury bills or securities. You can get good safe return in short term with Treasury securities.

9. Money Market Accounts

Liquid funds are best investment option with low risk and maximum return in 91 days. Yes, money market accounts can give you good return, safe return and maximum benefit within time. There is no lock in period in liquid funds, you can invest and sell funds anytime soon.

10. Fixed Maturity Investment Plans

Fixed maturity plans are another version of debt funds. You need to invest money for some lockin period, and get good return. But these funds are quite flexible and transparent. Its one of the safe investment option you can say.

These are the Top 10 Best Small Term Investment Plans available in market. You can choose any of the investment option but look for the below mentioned criteria before investing money in any of the investment plans.

How to choose the Best Short Term Investment plans?

When you choosing the short term investment option, you must take care of few things before investing money. To get Optimal return in short time, do check the below mentioned list before investing money.

  • The investment option must have shortest time to give return
  • It must have good liquidity
  • The amount should be less, not more than few thousand
  • Should give good return

If you check this list, you can find that short term investment plans should give more return in short time and with less amount of investment. You can also check Post office savings schemes which also gives you good return.

Hope our guide on investment plans in short term help you. Thank you for reading.

Top 10 Best Short Term Investment Plans [Best Option]
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Top 10 Best Short Term Investment Plans [Best Option]
Looking for Short Term Investment Plans? here is list of Top 10 Investment options which gives you Best Return up to 30% in Short Term.
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