NSC Calculator 2016 | NSC Interest Rate Chart & Maturity Period

NSC Calculator

If you find it difficult to calculate Interest of NSC (National Savings Certificates), you can use our NSC calculator to calculate interest rate on NSC. NSC is good small saving option from Indian postal department. You can also buy NSC from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 (in multiple of Rs.500). You can by NSC from post office or now you can buy it online too. You can invest in NSC for 5 to 10 years and enjoy tax free return too.

Using NSC calculator, you can check the total return you will get after some time and this way you can start better investment. All you need to insert is total amount of NSC you bought, interest rate applicable (year wise interest rate is changed in NSC) and total years for money invested in. You will get the interest rate chart of NSC below;

NSC Interest Rate Chart 2016

Year NSC VII (2003 to 2011) NSC VII (2011 to 2012) NSC VII (2012 to 2013) NSC VII (after 2013) NSC IX (10 year from 2011) NSC VII (after 1st April, 2016)
0 year 8 8.4 8.6 8.5 8.7 8.1
1 year 8.16 8.85 8.78 8.68 8.89 8.26
2 years 8.83 9.31 9.56 9.43 9.68 8.95
3 years 9.55 10.11 10.4 10.25 10.54 9.69
4 years 10.33 10.98 11.31 11.14 11.48 10.49
5 years 11.17 11.92 12.3 12.11 12.5 11.35
6 years 12.08 13.61
7 years 14.85
8 years 16.13
9 years 17.57
10 years 19.13
Total earnings 60.12 50.9 52.35 51.62 134.35 48.74

So, if you have purchased NSC between 2003 to 2011, you will earn Rs.8.00 of interest every 6 months, and after 1st year, 8.83 on 2nd year, 9.55 on 3rd year. This way your interest earned in NSC will keep growing.

NSC Calculator for Interest calculation

NSC CalculatorFor real compound interest calculation ,you can check out the below designed NSC calculator, by which you can calculate you interest earned in X years easily.

NSC Deposit Amount :
Rate of Interest (i.e 8.5% for 5 years NSC or 8.8% for 10 years NSC) :
Period (in No. of Months i.e. either 60 for 5 years NSC or 120 for 10 years NSC) : (fractions not allowed)
Frequency of Compounding :
Maturity Amount of NSC (Rs.) :
Effective yield : %

How to Buy NSC Certificate?

If you haven’t bought NSC certificate yet, you can buy NSC certificate by following below steps now. NSC is good small saving scheme, you can invest to earn good return in short term.

  • Get an application form from post office
  • Produce all the original documents mentioned in the form of NSC at physical form in post office.
  • You will be verified by Post office department upon your documents, after verification, you can buy NSC by cash or cheque of demand draft easily.
  • Choose the nominee in the NSC from and complete the process.

To buy NSC Certificate online, do read this official notification from Finance ministry India.

NSC Maturity Period

As you can see in the above mentioned NSC interest rate Chart, there two types of NSC saving scheme available both have different interest rate and maturity period.

  • For NSC – VIII issues: – 8.50% of interest rate and maturity period is 5 years.
  • For NSC – IX issues: – 8.80% of interest rate and 10 years of maturity period.

All interest earned during maturity period is reinvested and interest is totally tax free, can be claimed under IT act 80C.

Hope our calculator will help you to calculate the interest rate. For more updates on finance in india and to get Best Term Plan Advise, you can keep visiting us.

NSC Calculator 2016 | NSC Interest Rate Chart & Maturity Period
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NSC Calculator 2016 | NSC Interest Rate Chart & Maturity Period
Do you want to Calculate Interest Earned on NSC certificate? Check out NSC Interest Rat Chart and NSC Calculator 2016 to calculate investment on NSC.
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