What is Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 is the benchmark index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

It comprises of the top 50 large companies listed on the NSE. These 50 companies are selected on the basis of free-float market capitalization.

  • The base year of Nifty 50 is 1995 and the base value of nifty is 1,000.
  • Since inception in 1995, Nifty 50 has given an annualized average return of 11.15%
  • Although nifty 50 consists of only 50 stocks, however, as of June 2018 it consists of 51 stocks. This is because there are two stock types from Tata Motors- normal and DVR. Although these stocks are from the same company, however, they trade differently at different stock prices.

nifty 50

(Source: What is Nifty and Sensex?)

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